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Too Many Aviator Sunglasses? No Way! Salt. Optics Rex

Nov 25, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Too many aviator sunglasses?  No way! Meet the Salt. Optics Rex.  Here at Blink, we’ve seen many fashion trends rise and fall, grow and shrink, brighten and fade… you get it.  But there is one trend we’ll never tire of: aviator sunglasses.  Every luxury eyewear designer has there own version but few do it a cleanly and effectively as Salt. Optics.  The new Salt. Optics Rex is a new Winter release.  The Salt. Optics Rex has a classic aviator shape with a satin finish front constructed of high-quality titanium and matte zyl temples.  As always, this designer made the lenses of the Salt. Optics Rex polarized.  We know what you’re going to say…..Another aviator sunglass?  Yes, another aviator sunglass!  The aviator is classic and will continue on long after other shape styles fizzle out.  Salt. Optics knows this and there is no shame in their game in the introduction of the Salt. Optics Rex.  The Rex is available in several colors and is currently available at Blink Optical in colors BHG and the TEM.  Stop by Blink Optical and fall in love with aviator sunglasses all over again with the Salt. Optics Rex.

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