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Taylor Swift Wears Rimless Eyeglasses | Lunor Classic Oval

Nov 19, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Taylor Swift wears rimless eyeglasses similar to the Lunor Classic Oval.  Usually spotted sporting her signature red or white wayfarers, Swift recently took a selfie wearing a very conservative pair of rimless eyeglasses with a distinct oval shape.  She has told us to “Shake It Off” and has snubbed the country music scene and announced that she’s strictly pop.  Now she has gone conservative on us!  Oh, well.  She’s more popular than ever and continues to don great eyeglasses.  The rimless eyeglasses worn by Swift have a striking resemblance to the Lunor Classic Oval frame so if you’re trying to steal her look, look no further.  The Lunor Classic Oval is from the same collection that includes the now famous Lunor Classic Round made wildly famous by the late Steve Jobs.  This rimless frame is the standard drill-mount design and is available in a variety of classic colors.  We don’t make the assumption that Taylor Swift will keep this look for long as she is quick to keep up with trends, but we’ll enjoy the Lunor look while it lasts.  Looking for Lunor frames?  Contact us at our Lake Forest boutique at 847-234-6541.

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