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Gold & Wood Gets Colorful With The Orion 03

Nov 17, 2014 | Uncategorized


Gold & Wood gets colorful with the Orion 03.  The Gold & Wood Orion 03 is a new release from this luxury eyewear designer.  The Gold & Wood Orion 03 is part of the patented Gold & Wood “Wood Lock” series.  This technology allows Gold & Wood to design and manufacture frames constructed of wood with a seamless look.  The frame to joined together by a screw inserted in the top of the frame front which allows prescription lenses to be added and changed.  Once the lens is added and the screw is secured, you cannot discern where the seam is on the frame.  This allows Gold & Wood enthusiasts the luxury of wearing full-rimmed frames constructed of wood.  The Gold & Wood Orion 03 also has adjustable nose pads allowing for a custom fit and maximum comfort.  The Orion 03 is available in multiple colors but we have chosen to showcase the Gold & Wood color 02 to prove that wood can be colorful too.  The Orion 03 in color 02 has a pearly mauve color with a matte finish.  Stop by Blink Optical to few the Orion 03 and many other new releases from Gold & Wood.

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