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Embrace Fall With New Lunor Color | Butterscotch

Nov 14, 2014 | Uncategorized


Embrace Fall with new Lunor color…butterscotch.  So it’s getting chilly and the excitement of Halloween is past.  You’re digging deep into your closet for all your cold weather clothes and counting the days until Spring.  Don’t get downtrodden!  You can keep warm this Fall with a new color from Lunor.  There are several frames in the Lunor acetate A6 collection available in this new Lunor color including the 245 pictured above.  The Lunor 24 has long been a staple frame in the lunor collection and can now attract new wearers with this soft new color addition.  The new Lunor color butterscotch is subtle yet bright and is available in both a polished or matte finish.  This color is a perfect “other” option for those who don’t want to commit to a dark color and don’t want the variation of a tortoise color.  Not to mention but this new Lunor color goes absolutely fabulously with a slice of pumpkin pie and and a nice caramel latte.  A new Lunor color is a big deal as it compliments a collection known for not changing.  Stop by Blink Optical is check out the new Lunor color and, of course, the familiar Lunor colors and shapes.

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