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Alain Mikli Wears ic! Berlin Sunglasses

Nov 3, 2014 | Uncategorized


Alain Mikli wears ic! Berlin sunglasses.  What’s the best publicity an eyewear designer can get?  Easy, another eyewear designing titan photographed wearing their sunglasses.  Case in point:  Alain Mikli wears the ic! Berlin sunglasses Annihilation.  What a nod from one of the giants in the world of designer eyeglasses!  Alain Mikli is renowned for bringing innovative style and creative colors to eyeglass frames for several decades.  His color palette is complex and Mikli was one of the first to populate his collection with matte finish colors, something that many other eyewear designers are now doing.  Alain Mikli is also know for its comfort.  The internal spring hinge on each temple insure a custom fit for every wearer.  All things considered, Mr. Mikli must find the ic! Berlin sunglasses Annihilation both comfortable and stylish enough to don a competitors product.  Though the design and style of the Alain Mikli collection and the ic! Berlin collection has little over-lap, they are still two eyewear heavyweights vying for the same customer base.  Kudos to Alain Mikli for appreciating the efforts of another designer.

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