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Face a Face Is Red Hot With Bocca Sixties 2

Oct 22, 2014 | Uncategorized | 0 comments


Face a Face is red hot with the Bocca Sixties 2.  The Face a Face Bocca Sixties 2 is part of the new  Bocca collection from Face a Face released this year.  The Face a Face Bocca collection currently includes Bocca Smoking, Bocca Rock, Bocca Sixties, Little Bocca, Bocca Sexy, Bocca City, and Bocca Lova.  The common denominator in this collection is the curious temple shape.  All the Face a Face Bocca temples resemble legs with feet!  Very clever.  It gives the appearance of eyeglasses with legs.  It’s a nice little hidden detail as it is not noticeable while the glasses are being worn because the temple tip “foot” hides behind the ear.  Very French chic!  The Face a Face Bocca Sixties 2 has a sharply shaped cat-eye style with a shapely temple and comes in many colors including the 2016 which just adds to this frames sex appeal by being a smoking hot red.  Check out the Bocca Sixties 2 at Blink Optical in downtown Lake Forest or on our online boutique.

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