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Cindy Crawford Wears Salt. Sunglasses To Clooney Wedding

Oct 15, 2014 | Uncategorized


Cindy Crawford wears Salt. Sunglasses to Clooney wedding.  Just in case you were unable to attend this fabulous event or perhaps your invitaion was lost in the mail, Cindy Crawford stills looks amazing and Cindy Crawford has great taste in sunwear.  She was photographed with the happy couple post Clooney wedding on a boat wearing these designer sunglasses (who looks like that great on a boat except Cindy Crawford?).  Ms. Crawford is wearing the Salt. Optics Turley.  The Turley has an over-sized wayfarer look bit is a bit softer.  The Salt. Turley has a classic look and in available in several colors and, as always, has polarized lenses.  This pair of sunglasses was a perfect choice for the “day after the Clooney wedding” boat outing.  The large shape hides any eye fatigue and the Salt. polarized lens does away with that pesky surface glare.  We all know how important sunglass style is with this set, right?  Blink Optical is an authorized Salt. Optics dealer and currently stocks the Salt. Turley.  Stop by and browse our selection of current Salt. sunglasses.

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