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Face a Face Intoduces Aluminum Eyewear Collection – Alium

Oct 8, 2014 | Uncategorized


Face a Face introduces aluminum eyewear collection – Alium.  Face a Face is known for it’s innovative design, fashion-forward thinking, and varied material use.  Nothing exemplifies that more than the introduction of the Face a Face aluminum collection aptly named:  Alium.  The Face a Face Alium collection is comprised of clean, straight-forward  frames made of aluminum and zyl.  Face a Face is not the first designer to create aluminum eyewear but it is notable.  The first releases in the Alium aluminum eyewear collection have zyl temples and aluminum fronts with muted, matte colors and finishes.  They strike a very different look from the usual colorful, flamboyant Face a Face styles we have seen of late.  Aluminum eyewear will satiate your desire for clean style with light-weight comfort.  Check out the new aluminum eyewear releases at Blink Optical’s Lake Forest boutique or at our online store.

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