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Jeremy Irons Wears Vintage Lunor

Oct 2, 2014 | Uncategorized


Jeremy Irons wears vintage Lunor.  Jeremy Irons has been in many, many movies throughout the last several decades.  He has played royalty, evil villains, and heroes.  Our personal favorite here at Blink was his portrayal of the terrible Scar in “The Lion King”.  Though he was a cartoon and the story was fiction………..we all loathed him.  We can officially say Jeremy has redeemed himself to us.  The above image catches Mr. Irons in vintage Lunor, Lunor before it was one of the most sought after frame lines in the world.  The unusual hexagon shape just doesn’t normally exist in the eyewear world which is what makes it more unique.  Lunor eyewear has the ability to be completely simple yet completely individual.  This frame is vintage and is no longer in production, however, Lunor has several frames with the same clean lines and signature saddle-bridge.  The Lunor II collection offers several shapes and colors to satisfy your craving for vintage Lunor.  All current Lunor frames are available at Blink Optical, contact us at 847-234-6541 for details.

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