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Has Alain Mikli Changed Much In 20 Years?

Sep 26, 2014 | Uncategorized


Has Alain Mikli changed much in 20 years?  Short answer…..no?  Alain Mikli has been eyewear for the pop icon for decades.  Mikli still uses contrasting colors to redefine shapes and, speaking of shapes, creates new shapes to accommodate new colors.  So what has given Alain Mikli it’s staying power for over 20 years?  First, Alain Mikli is still created by Alain Mikli, meaning the design hasn’t been farmed out.  Second, Alain Mikli is not afraid to experiment with shape, size, and color.  Many designers stick to wearable shapes and familiar colors.  Alain Mikli has never been shackled by these notions.  Lastly, the comfort.  Alain Mikli is incredibly comfortable to wear because of it’s internalized spinge hinge temple design.  The temple literally custom fits itself.  So no, Alain Mikli hasn’t changed much with relief to many long-time Alain Mikli fans.  Blink Optical carries all new Alain Mikli releases and limited editions.  Shop Alain Mikli at Blink Optical in Lake Forest, IL or online at www.blinkoptic.com.

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