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Starck Says Matte Blue Is The New Black

Sep 22, 2014 | Uncategorized


Starck says matte blue is the new black.  The matte finish is very hot right now is designer eyewear.  It seems that every frame line is doing there own matte colors.  There is plenty of matte black and matte tortoise, thankfully, Starck is introducing matte blue as the new black.  This is an interesting choice as Starck is considered an eyewear designer with fairly conservative shapes and colors.  Starck is also better known for it’s attention to symmetry and function than fashion.  But it’s here and Blink says that matte blue is here to stay.  The Starck SH3006 (shown above) is the perfect combination of great shape, new color palette, and functional innovation.  The Starck SH3006 has the patented 360 degree hinge, a hinge designed to mimic the movement of the human clavicle.  So now it’s not enough to produce comfortable and functional eyewear, one must also expect new color innovation.  Check out the new Starck colors at Blink Optical in Lake Forest or at our online boutique.

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