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ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum Is The New ic! Berlin Sissy

Sep 17, 2014 | Uncategorized


ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum is the new ic! Berlin Sissy.  Have you been looking for the ic! Berlin Sissy without much luck?  We don’t want to upset anyone but the ic! Berlin Sissy has been discontinued.  One of the best women’s sunglass frames is officially out of production.  Where does that leave you?  Well……with the ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum, of course!  What is a Fruhlingstraum you might ask.  The ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum is a new release from this creative German eyewear designer.  It has similar lines and shape to the ic! Berlin Sissy.  The Fruhlingstraum has a butterfly shape with a narrow bridge but with a more demure lens size.  Like the ic! Berlin Sissy, the ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum is easy-to-wear and very feminine.  It is constructed of ic! Berlin’s signature stainless steel, solderless/hingeless design.  If you’re holding out hope for an ic! Berlin Sissy Blink suggests you check out the ic! Berlin Fruhlingstraum.  Change is good in all things…especially sunglasses!

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