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Mike Ditka Wears Vintage Cartier

Sep 15, 2014 | Uncategorized


Mike Ditka wears vintage Cartier.  So it’s Monday and the Bears managed to squeak out a victory last night.  In celebration Blink has decided to to talk about one of our favorite things:  vintage Cartier.  Not just vintage Cartier but vintage Mike Ditka wearing vintage Cartier.  For any Chicagoan worth their salt……….it doesn’t get much better than that.  Mike Ditka has a big personality and in this picture has the eyewear and hat to match.  Vintage Cartier is very hot right now.  Good luck finding authentic vintage Cartier but Blink can offer you something just as nice:  new release Cartier.  It’s current, it’s authentic, and it’s warrantied.  Yes, it’s not vintage but in 30-40 years it will be and then you’ll have your very own vintage Cartier.  Visit Blink Optical in Lake Forest IL or our online boutique to select your very own authentic (future) vintage Cartier.

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