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Taylor Swift Wears Big Eyeglasses

Sep 12, 2014 | Uncategorized


Taylor Swift wears big eyeglasses.  With fame comes much scrutiny and here at Blink we must scrutinize this.  Taylor Swift did the crossover thing making country music pop and now she’s announced that she is no longer a country singer.  This is all very interesting but as usual Blink is only truly interested in the optical angle.  Where did Ms. Swift gets those big eyeglasses and what is she doing wearing them?  We assume this is part of a music video costume (fingers crossed).  The truth is that big eyeglasses are very hot right now but we should be aware of the proper limits.  Big eyeglasses shouldn’t be bigger than you face and big eyeglasses should not cover a majority of your face.  That being said the above noted big eyeglasses are a terrible fit.  For all you optical nerds out there…….ever heard of something called optical center?  Three-fourths of the lens is simply taking up cheek space.  Congrats on the country/pop crossover Taylor, now get to Blink Optical for a proper eyewear consultation.

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