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Jennifer Aniston Says It’s Ok To Wear Aviators As Eyeglasses

Sep 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

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Jennifer Aniston says it’s okay to wear aviators as eyeglasses.  We don’t know much about Jennifer but we do know she has great taste in eyewear.  We find it strange she can’t keep a man but she can definitely weigh in on the classic debate regarding wearing aviators as sunglasses or wearing aviators as eyeglasses.  Guess what?!  You can do both.  Many manufacturers like Mykita, Cartier, and Blac design aviators for both.   The classic aviator style can be worn tinted or clear.  The only particular on wearing aviators as eyeglasses is the size of the frame.  With an aviator sunglass, the sizing just depends on the taste of the wearer.  You can go big or style small just keep in mind the sun coverage you’d like to achieve.  When choosing to wear aviators as eyeglasses, one must be careful to incorporate face size and prescription details when choosing a frame size.  Remember that higher prescription, both minus and plus lenses, benefit from smaller sizes.  Now that we’ve answered this nagging question, lets move on the next.  Who will marry this woman?  She’s rich, beautiful, and talented but apparently doomed to walk the Earth alone.  Don’t worry Ms. Aniston…..Blink LOVES you.


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