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Da Bears And Mike Ditka Wearing Porsche Aviators

Sep 8, 2014 | Uncategorized

Da Bears and Mike Ditka wearing Porsche aviators.  Not a Bears fan?  That’s fine.  Not jumping on any NFL bandwagons this year with all the usual football fantasy hype?  We don’t care.  But you can’t look at this picture and not think Mike Ditka wearing Porsche aviators is not totally bad ass.  The hair has a flawless feather, the moustache is true 1980’s Chicago, and the Porsche aviators are timeless.  Many didn’t care for Ditka’s bravado then or now but there was a time in the 80’s when he personified Chicago sports and style.  The Porsche aviators are still around and as popular as ever.  As is Ditka, if you talk to the right people.  Whether you follow the NFL or not we assume if you our reading our Blink blog that you follow sunglass fashion and this vintage pic of Porsche aviators fits the bill.  Porsche aviators are available at Blink Optical.  Go Bears!

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