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Actress Diane Keaton And Lunor Eyeglasses

Sep 4, 2014 | Uncategorized


Actress Diane Keaton and Lunor Eyeglasses.  Keaton has become synonymous with timeless style and fashion.  She has also weathered the decades and remains a prominent actress in modern cinema.  So what’s her secret?  We don’t know but we do know she has great taste in eyewear.  Diane Keaton is known to wear Lunor eyeglasses.  The preppy-chic look of Lunor eyeglasses comliments her style and taste perfectly.  Lunor eyeglasses are handmade in Germany and is well-known for it’s exclusivity and quality.  Acting in films from the 60’s to current day and remaining relevant is quite a task but Diane Keaton does it style and class much like her favorite eyewear:  Lunor eyeglasses.  Check out Blink Optical’s selection of current and classic Lunor and contact us to purchase.

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