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Brad Pitt Wears Readers Over His ic! Berlin Sunglasses

Aug 20, 2014 | Uncategorized


Brad Pitt Wears readers over his ic! Berlin sunglasses.  There are many things that we let slide over here at Blink Optical but this naked aggression against a fabulous pair of ic! Berlin sunglasses will not stand.  We all are getting a bit older and need a bit of help reading the small print but there is never an acceptable reason to wear readers over sunglasses.  There are so many fashionable reading solutions available.  Eyebobs or Porsche Design Readers are two big favorites here at Blink.  Eyebobs is playful and retro while Porsche is sleek and modern.  ic! Berlin was designed to be worn front and center and Brad has blatant disregard in this pic.  We can only hope this was a one-time emergency occurrence.  Check out our selection of Eyeb0bs and Porsche in-store and online at Blink Optical.

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