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Elton John Wears Round Mykita Eyeglasses

Aug 15, 2014 | Uncategorized


Elton John wears round Mykita eyeglasses.  This famous face is never without a pair of funky frames.  Not only because he is terribly nearsighted but also because eyewear has become part of his signature look.  He was recently photographed wearing a pair of round Mykita eyeglasses.  The color Elton John has chosen is shiny gold with white accents and orange tinted lenses.  Not a conventional choice but nothing about this celebrity is conventional.  When a true eyewear connoisseur chooses an eyewear brand to be seen in, it’s time to take notice.  These round Mykita eyeglasses are entirely constructed of stainless steel to insure durability and comfort.  Mykita eyewear is extremely light-weight and has Mykita’s patented screw-less/hinge-less design.  Blink Optical is an authorized Mykita dealer and has the latest selection from the current Mykita collection in-store and online.  Check out Mykita at Blink Optical and see if shiny gold round Mykita eyeglasses are for you.

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