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Johnny Depp Eyeglasses | Robert Marc And Lunor

Aug 13, 2014 | Uncategorized


Johnny Depp eyeglasses, Robert Marc and Lunor.  Johnny Depp has been a long-time consumer of distinct eyewear.  He is rarely photographed without his signature plastic spectacles.  Johnny’s color choices run from black to clear and everything in between.  By far our favorites, Blink has chosen to showcase the aged crystal look.  The color shown above is a slightly yellowed clear frame with a chunky, retro look.  The aged crystal is a great choice if regular crystal does not work for your skin tone.  A true crystal colored frame can sometimes appear too white on the skin and is deceptively harder to wear.  Luckily, many luxury eyewear designers are producing frames with more colors options for those who want the crystal look but can’t quite pull it off.  Robert Marc and Lunor are great examples of eyeglass designers who release their retro-chic frames in a variety of unique colors.  Blink Optical is an authorized dealer of both Robert Marc and Lunor.  Stop by today and see which color crystal works your you.


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