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Lady Gaga In Vintage Cartier Sunglasses | Cartier Diabolo

Aug 6, 2014 | Uncategorized


Lady Gaga in vintage Cartier sunglasses, the Cartier Diabolo.  It seems that everyone is into vintage and it seems that every fashion icon has a vintage counterpart.  One shining example is the popularity of vintage Cartier sunglasses.  As if modern Cartier isn’t fabulous enough the most fashionable prefer it old school, even the trendiest of the trendy…..Lady Gaga.  Yes, she’s rockin’ the vintage sunglasses Diabolo with two-toned hair, black bra, and leather studded vest.  She’s probably on her way to Target or Walgreens……..looking awesome!  The Cartier Diabolo is so vintage that we wish you many good lucks in finding your very own.  Don’t fret!  Blink Optical has an ample selection of current Cartier sunglasses.  Yes, vintage is in but new smells better.  Blink Optical is an authorized Cartier dealer and is located in Lake Forest Illinois.  Contact us for details regarding a personalized introduction to our favorite luxury eyewear and sunwear collection.

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