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Summer’s Not Over Yet | ic! Berlin S25 Tegal

Aug 4, 2014 | Uncategorized


Summer’s not over yet…ic! Berlin S25 Tegal.  The ic! Berlin S25 Tegal is a unique new release sunglass from one our favorite sunglass designers.  The S25 Tegal is a blend of zyl and stainless steel.  The color we chose to highlight is the ‘sungold’.  The color name is perfect as the base of the frame is a polished gold with glossy white lens inserts that surround each lens.  The sunlenses are tinted a warm brown that graduates to a rosy, lighter brown.  The ic! Berlin S25 Tegal screams Summer style and would look right at home cruising South Beach or SoCal.  If you’re looking to extend your Summer fun, check out the ic! Berlin S25 Tegal at Blink Optical in Lake Forest IL or online at www.blinkoptic.com.

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