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Adam Sandler Wears Blue Sunglasses | Super Classic

Jul 30, 2014 | Uncategorized


Funny man Adam Sandler wears blue sunglasses.  Blue is the new black and this color is hot!  Adam Sandler proves that light blue zyl sunglasses are no threat to his masculinity which works as light blue is emerging as a popular color this season.  One eywear company who doesn’t shy from color is RETROSUPERFUTURE.  They design and manufacturer retro-styled sunglasses and eyeglasses with Italian zyl and precision.  The RETROSUPERSUTURE (also known as SUPER) Classic is a wayfarer inspired sunglass available in multiple colors, including light blue.  Adam Sandler looks quite the mess with the beard, hat, and extra weight.  Luckily his light blue sunglasses lend him some style.  Check out a similar look in the RETROSUPERFUTURE Classic in color sky.  Blink Optical has a large selection of SUPER eyeglasses and sunglasses in-store and on-line.  Including blue sunglasses for the masses.

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