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Kristen Stewart Wears Salt. Sunglass Pickford

Jul 18, 2014 | Uncategorized


Kristen Stewart wears Salt. sunglass Pickford.  Kristen Stewart has re-emerged from her paparazzi cocoon with a brand new look including better taste in sunglasses.  Most Stewart pictures show her dismally sporting a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses with brown greasy hair in her face.  Now look at our gal!  A cute new haircut, the awesome Salt. sunglass Pickford, and………well, not sure about the outfit but she’s young and famous so it’s o.k.  The Salt. sunglass Pickford has a cute round shape with Stewart’s signature retro style.  The Salt. Pickford has a keyhole bridge and comes in colors like Caspian Tortoise and Matte Black.  The Salt. sunglass Pickford has the Salt. polarized lenses and is available at authorized Salt. dealers, most notably, Blink Optical.  It seems that the Pickford can make even the most sullen stars smile for the camera.  Check out the Salt. sunglass Pickford at Blink Optical along with our selection of new release Salt. sunglasses.

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