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Harry Potter Wears Robert Marc Sunglasses

Jul 16, 2014 | Uncategorized


Harry Potter wears Robert Marc sunglasses.  Well, his real name is Daniel Radcliffe not Harry Potter.  But……we all know him as the iconic Harry Potter, a character that has permeated an entire generation with wizardry.  The fact that Harry Potter wears Robert Marc sunglasses is noteworthy is due to the famous Harry Potter round eyeglass look.  If you’re an optician you’ve heard “those look like Harry Potter glasses” about one million times.  This vague comment now describes any eyeglass frames that looks remotely round and makes the commentator feel clever in making the connection.  Round is hot right now with little help from this association.  Daniel Radcliffe has been trying to rebuild his life without the Harry Potter moniker and the best thing he can do is choose a Robert Marc sunglass with no resemblance to the memorable “Harry Potter” eyeglasses.  This Robert Marc sunglass has a crystal front and complimenting tortoise temples.  Very stylish and not wizardly in any way.  Check out this Robert Marc sunglass and many more at Blink Optical.

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