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The 70’s Called…..They Want Their Face a Face Monoi 2 Back

Jul 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

Face a Face Monoi 2

The 70’s called…..they want their Face a Face Monoi 2 back.  Have you ever seen a sunglass frame and actually feel yourself transporting through time.  If not let me introduce you to the Face a Face Monoi 2.  The Face a Face Monoi 2 sunglass looks as if it emerged from a time capsule from 1974.  The color 271 is lime green complimented by solid white.  The shape of the Face a Face Monoi 2 is a soft soft oval with a solid grey color.  Groovy.  It’s amazing how often what was old is new again in the world of fashion and Face a Face is everything defining fashion.  Face a Face frames are designed and manufactured in the heart of couture fashion:  France.  The Face a Face Monoi 2 is available in several colors but here at Blink we are a bit partial the the color above.  If you are ready to relive the 1970’s and have fun with fashion again, visit Blink Optical to view the Face a Face Monoi 2 and many others from their substantial sunglass collection.  Also available online.

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