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Samuel L. Jackson Wears Round Eyeglasses At Wimbledon

Jul 7, 2014 | Uncategorized


Samuel L. Jackson wears round eyeglasses at Wimbledon.  No surprise here….Samuel L. Jackson is wearing stylish eyewear.  He’s like the usual suspect whenever your read about a celebrity being seen in remarkable glasses.  This time he took time out to be photographed at Wimbledon in a pair of ultra-round spectacles.  Jackson is a true fan of  fashion-forward frames and is a regular on Blink Optical’s blog.  Blink just loves his consistency!  Want to steal this look?  Well…….you probably can’t because Samuel is one cool cat but…….  You can try!  Check out the Face a Face Allen.  It has the same look and flavor as the frame worn by Mr. Jackson.  Be quick as we only have one left.  You can also check out numerous other notable round frames in Blink Optical’s Round selection.

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