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Jason Statham Wears Mykita Rolf Sunglasses

Jul 2, 2014 | Uncategorized


Jason Statham wears Mykita Rolf sunglasses.  Looks like Jason’s switched teams and traded in his ic! Berlin Kjell in exchange for the Mykita Rolf.  Fair trade because it looks great.  Mykita Rolf sunglasses are constructed of stainless steel and come with Mykita’s patented screw-less hinge design.  The Mykita Rolf is shown with a gradient sunlens and a polished finish.  Jason Statham often portrays bad-boy heroes in blockbuster action films but that doesn’t mean he has to limit his sunwear to the usual black plastic sunglasses (think Terminator).  Jason know that real men wear gold with a brown/rose gradient tint.  Stop by Blink Optical to talk more about how wonderfully Jason Statham wears Mykita Rolf sunglasses or order online at blinkoptic.com.

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