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Blink Optical’s Favorite FIFA 2014 Hairstyle

Jun 30, 2014 | Uncategorized


Blink Optical’s favorite FIFA 2014 hairstyle.  The winner is…….Neymar de Silva Santos from Brazil!  Anyone following the World Cup secretly watches to see all the elaborate hairstyles sported (no pun intended) by the star soccer players and Blink Optical is different.  What is with the wild array of FIFA 2014 hairstyle options?  We don’t know but we love it!  Neymar wins due to the odd complexity of his hairstyle.  It’s obviously very complicated and labor intensive and no one can figure out exactly what is going on.  Is it a mullet?  Is it a mohawk?  What’s with the bangs?  Is that ombere?  Whatever it is we can’t stop looking!  Blink Optical says keep watching and keep styling boys!  Stop by Blink Optical to check out our selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses to compliment the Neymar mullet/mohawk/ombre bangs look.  It was not easy to find the perfect match but that’s what Blink Optical does.  We find eyewear for every style.

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