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Jessica Alba Wears Mirrored Sunglasses | Mykita Geunther

Jun 20, 2014 | Uncategorized


Jessica Albs wears mirrored sunglasses.  This isn’t a major trend alert, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.  The rainbow mirrored sunglass lens comes in many color hues.  The one Jessica has chosen has a green refection while many opt for blue or yellow.  The color of the mirror is purely for aesthetics.  The base tint is the color perceive while wearing mirrored lenses.  My guess is that grey is the base tint on the Jessica Alba’s mirrored sunglasses.  Now, her whole look is adorable but if you’d like to focus (no pun intended) on the flashy sunwear, we recommend the Mykita Geunther.  The Mykita Geunther is a light-weight sunglasses with a mirrored lens.  In true Mykita design, this aviator-shaped frame is constructed of stainless steel and has no screws or solder points.  The color is fabulous!  Don’t be afraid to wear a mirrored lens in your sunglasses, apparently, the trend is returning.  Visit Blink Optical for a personalized introduction to Mykita and your perfect mirrored lens.

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