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January Jones Wears Anne et Valentin Sunglasses

Jun 13, 2014 | Uncategorized


January Jones wears Anne et Valentin sunglasses.  Ms. Jones, also known as Betty Draper on Mad Men, has phenomenal taste in sunwear.  Anne et Valentin is fairly exclusive and not a typical eyeglass designer worn by the masses.  While many in Hollywood choose to wear big names like Tom Ford, Prada, and Oliver Peoples, this classy Mad Men star takes the high (more stylish) road.  Anne et Valentin sunglasses are French designed and manufactured.  This line is primarily defined by large, fun shapes and unexpected color combinations.  Now, January Jones is a bit of an exception being a Hollywood starlet and all, but all moms of young kids need a big pair of sunglasses to throw on upon leaving the house.  They hide the bags under your eyes and block the light of day as you’re unfortunately not getting much sleep.  Kudos to January for having impeccable taste in exclusive eyewear proven by wearing Anne et Valentin sunglasses.  Check out Blink Optical’s selection of Anne et Valentin sunglasses in our Lake Forest, IL boutique.

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