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Sophia Loren Retro Sunglasses | Alain Mikli A03009

Jun 6, 2014 | Uncategorized


Sophia Loren retro sunglasses modernized with the Alain Mikli A03009.  Sophia Loren personified beauty and style for the better part of the 20th century so it’s no wonder that this iconic picture exists.  This photo is a perfect example of fashion coming full circle, what is old will be new again.  The frame worn by Sophia Loren is simple polished black with a 40% grey tint.  Just enough color to look cool without obscuring your eyes.  This look has been rejuvenated by the Alain Mikli A03009.  The Alain Mikli A03009 is a bit more contemporary in it’s color selection.  For example, instead of just a basic black, Alain Mikli chose to use a crystal and black combination which translates as a geometric grey.  Alain Mikli is well known for amazing comfort and craftsmanship.  This, in part, is due to the internal spring on the temple.  This picture and the release of the Alain Mikli A03009 proves that styles never end, they just ebb and flow.  Steal this look at Blink Optical with the Alain Mikli A03009 col. B0A1.

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