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Starck Eyeglasses Starck Eyes PL1001 | Christopher Waltz

May 16, 2014 | Uncategorized

christopher-watz-starck-eyeglassesStarck eyeglasses PL1001 fit perfectly on movie superstar Christopher Waltz.  Starck eyeglasses are known for their subtle, clean design and………they look great with a tux.  Christopher Waltz is probably best known for his starring roles in two Quentin Tarantino films.  He played the definition of a Nazi psychopath in Inglorious Basterds, quite frankly scaring the Hell out of us.  In Django Unchained he redeemed himself and the nation of Germany by portraying a bounty hunter with a wonderful lust for killing slave masters.  Neither film however exemplified his love of quality eyewear, which is primaraly what Blink Optical is interested in.  Above, Christopher Waltz is photographed wearing Starck eyeglasses PL1001.  The PL1001 is the definition of the basic black frame.  The clean style hides it functional purpose as the only eyewear designer using the 360 degree temple hinge.  It fits him beautifully and only adds a bit of retro chic to a very dressy affair.  Stop by Blink Optical to view our selection of Starck eyeglasses or shop online for your perfect Starck frame.

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