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Seth Rogen Eyeglasses In “Neighbors” | Cartier Chet

May 9, 2014 | Uncategorized


Funny man Seth Rogen has never been one from shying away from wearing eyeglasses in his films and “Neighbors” is no exception.  Seth prefers the the chunkier zyl variety, usually in basic black.  For his starring role in “Neighbors”, Mr. Rogen chose a brown to crystal fade.  My guess is he went with a blander color to emphasize the blandness of his character.  “Neighbors” shines a light on the eventual coming of age that every adult goes through, evolving from carefree frat rat to adult with job and kids.  This course is magnified by strife between Rogen (wanna-be adult with wife + kid) and Zac Efron (wild party boy).  Lame plot so the film is saved by Seth Rogen’s funny man antics.  Blink Optical is more interested in the eyewear than plot strength, of course.  Want to steal this look (minus the sad march into boring midlife motif)?   Check out the Cartier Chet T8100902 in color gradient honey.  You can have the grown-up look without the boring style.  The Cartier Chet is hand-crafted in France and available at Blink Optical.  Contact us for details.  We can only help find the glasses portrayed in the movie, we have no idea where Seth got that neck tie.

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