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Apple CEO Tim Cook Wears Gold & Wood Eyeglasses

Apr 25, 2014 | Uncategorized


Apple CEO Tim Cook wears Gold & Wood eyeglasses.  Did you think that Steve Jobs was the only one at Apple wearing stylish rimless eyeglasses?  You thought wrong.  The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, wears the Gold & Wood eyeglasses R06.  While Steve Jobs rocked the now iconic Lunor Classic Round, Mr. Cook prefers his rimless in wood.  The Gold & Wood R06 is a classic rimless frame with not and bolt construction and is available with both exotic wood or horn temples.  This frame has a clean, organic look that is a bit more stylized then the Lunor Classic Round.  Each Gold & Wood eyeglasses frame comes with an internal temple spring that ensures the wearer comfort and function.  Gold & Wood deems each frame an eyepiece and touts that they are an environmentally friendly company.  Though they do use buffalo horn on many of their frames, they assure us that no animals are hurt in the process.  Gold & Wood also makes sure that all the wood used on their frames is considered sustainable and quick to replenish.  Perhaps Tim Cook can bring the same notarity to the Gold & Wood brand as did Steve Jobs with the Lunor Classic Round.

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