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Face a Face Eyewear | Punk Glam Fusion

Apr 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

Face a Face Eyewear Punk Glam

Face a Face Eyewear reinvents Punk Glam with their Punk Her frame.  Face a Face has long been a favorite at Blink Optical.  Each new collection brings something exciting and different, no easy feat in a saturated eyewear market.  Face a Face eyewear stands apart form the norm with their ability to combine seemingly opposite genres.  They take traditional frame shapes and pair them with unusual colors and it works.  Now they have taken sleek, glamorous frame shapes and paired them with punk rock emblems, and it works!  The above pictured Face a Face Punk Her is a frame that is recognizable as a Face a Face frame due to its unusual color palette, the difference is the studs adorning the temple tips.  We LOVE how the studs are so obviously placed in an in-obvious place, the temple tips.  This Face a Face frame embodies the true duality of it’s wearers:  we are glamorous but just a bit dangerous.  Check out the new Spring/Summer releases from Face a Face at Blink Optical.  Blink Optical always appreciates a little punk/glam fusion courtesy of Face a Face eyewear.

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