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The Gold & Wood Avior | A Classy Answer To Ray-Ban

Apr 21, 2014 | Uncategorized


The Gold & Wood Avior is a classy answer to Ray-Ban.  Everyone let out a collective sigh if you are tired of the Ray-Ban aviator.  It is the most popular sunglass this season (again) and we just can’t figure out why.  They are not well-made.  They are not generally flattering.  They are everywhere, hence, they lack that exclusive niche many crave.  There are so many alternatives this season that Blink has decided to throw a different designer in the ring.  If you insist on wearing an aviator we ask that you scale up and take a closer look at the Gold & Wood Avior.  First, the lens shape has shed that droopy tear-drop look and has embraced a softer, more wearable shape.  Second, the temples are made of exotic, eco-sustainable wood giving these sunglasses a more stylish and substantial look.  Lastly, the lenses are polarized making them more versatile.  Everyone from Tom Cruise to Taylor Swift are wearing aviators.  Here at Blink implore all celebrities out there to class it up and check out the Gold & Wood Avior.  Friends don’t let friends wear Ray-Bans so stop by Blink Optical for a personalized introduction to the Gold & Wood Avior.

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