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Are You Buying Google Glass Tomorrow?

Apr 15, 2014 | Uncategorized


Are you buying Google Glass tomorrow?  Apparently, the masses are allowed one to day to purchase the Google Glass and there is quite a buzz!  Prior to the announcement that Google Glass would be available for purchase on April 15, tech fans had to apply to become an elite member of the Google Glass Explorer group if they wanted to purchase.  We are not quite sure what the requirements were but having $1500.00 seemed to be the most important.  The price tag of the Google Glass is still $1500.00 but now you just need a US mailing address and a free day to sit on the computer hoping to get one prior to the probable quick sell-out.  Upon researching the Google Glass, Blink discovered that many people dislike Google Glass wearers and, in some circles, refer to them as “Glass-holes”.  This is the funniest anti-tech term since we ostracized Bluetooth wearers with the moniker “bluedouche”.  Here at Blink, we laugh but we don’t judge.  The Google Glass will open many interesting doors for optical stores in terms of sales, maintenance, and repairs.  Can you imagine being the poor optician that scratches someones reason for living while attempting to change a nosepad.  That being said, good luck to all the Glass-holes tomorrow in your pursuit of happiness.  Blink Optical is always on the forefront of optical trends and will keep an eye on this one.

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