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Catherine Zeta-Jones Wears ic! Berlin Black Hole

Apr 11, 2014 | Uncategorized


Catherine Zeta-Jones wears ic! Berlin Black Hole and does a damn fine job of it.  Now, we don’t exactly know what has happened to Catherine’s film career.  She hasn’t been seen is as many blockbuster hits of late but we can still count on her sense of style.  The ic! Berlin Black Hole is the perfect marriage of stainless steel and zyl.  ic! Berlin frames all have the signature screwless hinge design that makes them next to impossible to break.  With the plastic frame craze hitting a crescendo, ic! Berlin is up for the challenge with the release of the Black Hole and other zyl frames that still embrace the nature of their design.  The ic! Berlin Black Hole is still light-weight and sleek while venturing into contemporary fashion trends.  All we ask is that next time someone applies a premium anti-reflective coating to Ms. Zeta-Jones’ lenses.  Yikes!  The ic! Berlin Black Hole is available at Blink Optical along with a healthy selection of new release ic! Berlin frames.

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