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Brad Pitt Wears ic! Berlin Mahroosa | ic! Berlin Blink Optical

Apr 4, 2014 | Uncategorized


Brad Pitt wears ic! Berlin Mahroosa.  Not so shocking as Brad Pitt is a bit of a sunglass addict.  He wears everything from Oliver Peoples to Mykita but he always tends to go back to ic! Berlin.  Brad is known for having great taste in sunglasses.  Our personal opinion here at Blink Optical is that Brad is constantly replacing his shades because the man has so many kids.  Kids are notoriously hard on their parents glasses and celebrity stardom cannot shield poor Brad from that reality.  That being said, the ic! Berlin Mahroosa is an excellent choice for parent of a large brood of kids.  The lenses are polycarbonate so they won’t shatter if thrown on the ground during a tantrum.  The stainless steel design of ic! Berlin omits the use of screws or solder points so the temples won’t break during playtime.  The stylishness of the ic! Berlin Mahroosa is befitting of Brad’s fashion status so he won’t be embarrassed and have to flee the paparazzi with all those kids in tow.  It looks like Brad Pitt realizes that you can have it all:  a big, wild family and functional yet stylish sunglasses.  The ic! Berlin Mahroosa is available at Blink Optical.  Stop by or shop blinkoptic.com for all the latest styles of ic! Berlin.

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