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Michael Keaton Wears Entourage Of 7 Jens

Mar 19, 2014 | Uncategorized


Micheal Keaton was recently seen wearing the Entourage of 7 Jens.  He has not been seen recently in movies, unfortunately, but he is keeping up on the latest eyewear trends.  Michael Keaton is probably most famous for playing Batman but his career has spanned decades.  He has played a stay-at-home dad (apparently controversial for the ’80s) and an irritating undead guy named BeetleJuice.  Luckily, he has aged well and found a decent pair of eyeglasses so he may become relevant in Hollywood again.  The Entourage of 7 Jens is a retro-styled classic frame with a slightly angular shape.  Entourage of 7 eyewear is inspired by the West Coast style and is gaining in popularity.  Entourage of 7 is known primarily for it’s thick, chunky zyl frames but it is apt to mention that E of 7 also offers a clean, crisp beta titanium collection, as well as, a sunglass collection.  The combination of Michael Keaton and Entourage of 7 is a surprising example of fresh eyewear rejuvenating an actors style and putting him back in fashionable search results.  The Entourage of 7 Jens and a relevant selection of E of 7 is available at Blink Optical in Lake Forest, IL and on our online boutique.

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