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Power Into Spring With ic! Berlin Power Law Sunglasses

Mar 14, 2014 | Uncategorized


It’s time to get ready for Spring!  This year do it with power with a little help from the ic! Berlin Power Law sunglasses.  ic! Berlin is a deep designer eyewear collection with many frames suitable for many seasons.  Due to this lingering and snowy Winter, we at Blink feel that we need to demand that Spring hurries up a bit.  This year’s Winter months have been treacherous here in the Midwest and we are ready for some warmth.  The ic! Berlin Power Law sunglasses can lend you the swagger and style to power up to the next season.  The Power Law has a rough-cut zyl frame front with ic! Berlin’s signature stainless steel temples.  The temples join the front with their patented screw-less/solder-less hinge design.  The ic! Berlin Power Law guarantees the lightweight, sporty sunglass that ic! Berlin devotees have come to expect.  The Power Law is not a new frame but it is a perfect addition to any sunglass collection due to it’s powerful and unique look.  The ic! Berlin Power Law is available at Blink Optical along with a large selection of current ic! Berlin eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Let’s power into Spring wearing the ic! Berlin Power Law, in stock now!

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