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Gold & Wood Alpha 02 | Wood Lock Technology

Mar 10, 2014 | Uncategorized


The new release Gold & Wood Alpha 02 is part of the new collection of full-rim, all-wood Gold & Wood eye pieces and Gold & Wood sun pieces.  Gold & Wood patented the technology used to create these amazing frames.  Frames made of wood are somewhat difficult to work with.  The lens mounting has been limited to rimless and semi-rimless frames until now.  Gold & Wood has designed a way to easily mount prescription lenses in full-rim wooden frames and make the frame appear seamless.  It’s called Wood Lock Technology and it’s simple and very effective.  Gold & Wood has designed the frame to open and close similar to a full metal frame, allowing prescription and sun lenses to be inserted without stressing the wood.  The eyewire screw of the Gold & Wood Alpha 02 is hidden away in the wood in keeping with the seamless look and feel of the eye piece.  Finally, a full-rim wood frame that is easy to have your prescription added and keeps the clean, organic look sought by Gold & Wood fans.   The Gold & Wood Alpha 02 is available at exclusive optical boutiques, including Blink Optical in Lake Forest, Illinois.

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