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Bob Costas Eyeglasses | Steal This Look With Lunor

Mar 7, 2014 | Uncategorized


The 2014 Winter Olympics are over but many are still talking about the infamous Bob Costas eyeglasses.  We wish Mr. Costas the best and certainly hope the pink eye clears up quickly and…. we don’t believe the rumors about botched botox.  Can’t a man get a really gross case of conjunctivitis these days and still insist on being on international television.  There is a silver lining to this pink cloud.  If you could get past the swelling and gook, Bob Costas is actually wearing a pretty stylish pair of eyeglasses.  We’ve scoured for a brand name but have come up short.  No worries!  Blink Optical is going to tell you how you can steal this look (without the eye infection).  The Lunor 215 is a dead ringer for the infamous Bob Costas Winter Olympic eyeglasses.  The Lunor 215 is a small, P3 shape with a keyhole bridge and comes in the amber tortoise color.  Lunor is considered a conservative eyewear company and wears well in many situations, even in emergency pink eye dilemmas.  Look, we can all agree that Bob Costas should have stayed off the air, he was pretty gross.  But the tenacity it takes to put on a pair of eyeglasses and sit in front of a camera in view of millions of people and pretend your eyes aren’t melting!  Mr. Costas we here at Blink have to hand it to you.  The Bob Costas eyeglasses will always be a gold medal winner in our book.  Check out the Lunor 215 and many other distinctive frames at Blink Optical.

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