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Fade To Black | The Alain Mikli A01347 In Color 0101

Mar 5, 2014 | Uncategorized


The Alain Mikli A01347 in color 0101 redefines the basic black eyeglass frame.  The Alain Mikli A01347 is available in various colors but we chose to showcase the color 0101 (black) as it is considered a staple in any Alain Mikli collection.  Alain Mikli has produced many, many variations of black frames from the simple to the complicated.  The Alain Mikli A01347 color 0101 is neither.  Instead of mixing another color in the frame to define the black coloration, Mikli chose to vary the texture.  Changing the texture allows the basic black base color to change based on the light angle.  The texture gives the appearance of stripes at certain angles and a soft look at other angles.  This is what makes the Alain Mikli A01347 in color 0101 different and on a bigger scale, it is what makes the Alain Mikli collection different than any other designer eyewear collection.  Alain Mikli has found a simple way to redefine the basic black……with texture!  Check out the Alain Mikli A01347 and a comprehensive selection of the latest Alain Mikli at Blink Optical and online.

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