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Bill Gates Wears Blac Stewart | Available At Blink Optical

Feb 25, 2014 | Uncategorized


Bill Gates has recently been photographed wearing the Blac Stewart.  Talk about an update!  If we created a chronological image tree of Bill Gate’s eyewear it would be extensive and cluttered with questionable choices.  He has redeemed himself with his latest choice.  The Stewart frame is part of the original carbon fiber collection from Blac.  The entire frame is constructed of carbon fiber and designed and assembled in Denmark.  The hinges and screws are manufactured specifically for Blac frames to ensure a perfect fit.  Blac is on the forefront of using raw carbon fiber for frame material.  It is lightweight and durable with an industrial, minimal look.  Are you wondering why Blac is so hard to find?  Blink Optical is one of the few authorized dealers in the Midwest.  With that in mind, each frame is made to order.  Blac doesn’t typically keep stock but constructs the frames based on demand.  Blink Optical carries the Blac Original Carbon Fiber collection, the Blac Titanium collection, Blac Sunglasses, and the Blac Plus collection.  The Blac Stewart frame fianlly allows you to have something in common with a billionaire mogul…..Bill Gates’ eyeglasses!.  Stop by Blink Optical or contact us for additional information regarding the Blac collection.

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