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Robert Marc + Blink Optical | Sunglass Power Couple

Feb 19, 2014 | Uncategorized


Robert Marc + Blink Optical is a well known power couple in Lake Forest IL.  Blink Has been a loyal fan and authorized dealer of Robert Marc sunglasses and eyeglasses since the inception of the boutique 9 years ago.  The Robert Marc collection has evolved into a well-known yet exclusive eyewear line that has many elite celebrity fans.  In fact, power couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban both adore the look of Robert Marc and have been longtime wearers.  Robert Marc has been featured on several television shows, as well.  CSI, Law & Order, and How I Met Your Mother have all featured a Robert Marc frame.  It seems that the Robert Marc look is appropriate for crime drama as well as iconic comedy.  Is it the brand that celebs are drawn to or the lack there of?  Robert Marc is known for not being known.  There is no need to splash your brand name on your frames when your frames are chosen for their style and comfort time and again.  The one discerning feature that remains constant across all the Robert Marc styles is the distinctive hinge guard.  The hinge guard protects the the frame from going out of adjustment and makes for a comfortable fit.  The metal fitting has become the calling card for this designer eyeglass and sunglass line.  Visit Blink Optical + Robert Marc in Lake Forest IL……..Chicagoland’s couture power couple.

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