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Seattle Seahawks Win Superbowl XLVIII | ic! Berlin U9 guntzelstraBe Sunglasses

Feb 3, 2014 | Uncategorized


The Seattle Seahawks won Superbowl XLVIII proving once again that the best offense is defense.  More importantly, how should you celebrate the victory?  Visit Seattle!  What do you need for your visit?  Proper sunglasses, of course!  This task would have been much easier if the the San Francisco 49ers won.  Seattle is not really known for it’s sunny weather.  In fact, Seattle only enjoys an average of 71 sunny days during the entire year.  So what does Blink suggest to all the Seattle fans?  The ic! Berlin U9 guntzelstraBe sunglass.  The frame is constructed of ic! Berlin’s signature stainless steel and patented screwless hinges.  The U9 guntzelstaBe sunglass is available in a variety of colors, the most fitting is the electric powder blue (the color of the Seahawk champions).  The reason this frame is perfect for the cloudy, rainy Sattle weather is in the lens color.  The amber/orange color offers the wearer superior optical clarity as the color enhances contrast.  This lens color is brightens even the dreariest of Seattle days, not that Seattle is that dreary today.  Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!  Visit Blink Optical for all your regional/seasonal sunwear suggestions.

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