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Cartier T8201056 Panthere Wild | Making Grey Wild

Jan 29, 2014 | Uncategorized


The Cartier T8201056 Panthere Wild gives a new take on grey.  The color grey is a bit misunderstood.  Grey is considered the ugly sister to the color black, as if grey should be considered the faded version of a more popular color.  The Cartier T8201056 Panthere Wild is give the color grey a new look, a wild look.  Here at Blink, we’ve never seen this color before.  The varying tones of grey are highlighted with the contrast of brown.  The grey is accentuated with the grey gradient lenses and the silver temples.  The Cartier T8201056 Panthere Wild is a sleek, sexy frame that dares you to be a bit different and embrace a new color palette.  The Cartier T8201056 Panthere Wild is a large zyl frame with metal temples accented with Cartier’s iconic panther symbol.  The panther has the appearance that it is biting into the front of the frame.  Leave it to Cartier to have a flair for the dramatic.  And leave it to Cartier to introduce a new color trend for Winter 2014……warm, wonderful grey!

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