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Beyonce Wears Round Sunglasses | Blink Optical

Jan 27, 2014 | Uncategorized


Beyonce wears round sunglasses, heading up the trend that is really taking off.  Beyonce also made quit a splash at the 2014 Grammy’s, showcasing her talent for song and dance.  Do the math and this makes Beyonce a triple threat.  The fashion and the musical talents put her in the constant eye of the public and Beyonce has honed her skills to perfection.  Round frames have been emerging as an eyewear staple for a few years now but the round sunglass has been a bit more fringe.  This of course will change as all trends do and leave it to Beyonce to get the round ball rolling (pun intended).  Now, you might be asking yourself where you could acquire a pair of round shades of your own.  Blink Optical recommends the Mykita Moons as a first pick.  The Mykita Moons is a round sunglass made entirely of  stainless steel for durability, comfort, and sleekness.  The Moons is available in multiple colors, including a very flashy shiny silver (color 051).  Contact Blink Optical for additional questions or buy online.

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